Heidi Bolyard

Heidi M. Bolyard, Owner + Architect

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and you just want to more spend time in that space? That is what we strive for with every client.

When designing homes my main goal is always to inspire our clients, nurture families, and create more happiness and joy in their lives. When I started the company in 2008, my goal was to simply design houses for clients; it transformed when I started questioning the idea, can a home plant a seed that will blossom into a life filled with calm and peace. I have found that if a home is designed to function for how you live in the spaces and seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle that it will create a comfortable retreat that inspires you every time you arrive home.

My favorite part of the design process is completing research, solving problems, and finishing the puzzle that creates a perfect home for the client. I love meeting new people and enjoy hearing about them and their family. My fondest memories from my childhood were family gatherings and celebrations. I love creating gathering spaces for my clients to create memories they will cherish for a lifetime. I am always actively listening to my clients which enables me to learn about them, their life, their ideas and goals, and collaborating with them for their dream home. This is how we maintain a client-focused approach for each and every project, for us it is a new opportunity to create a home for our clients that will bring more happiness, joy and love into their life.

Heidi lives in Dublin with her children, Grady and Ellinore. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her kids play sports and volunteering in their classrooms, long distance running, hot yoga, designing furniture and baking.

Heidi received her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design and Architecture from Ball State University . She also earned an Associate’s Degree in both Construction Management and Art from Delta College.

Heidi is a Registered Architect in the State of Ohio and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, a member of the American Institute of Architects and a LEED BD+C Accredited Professional. She also holds a certificate with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, which provides reciprocity for registration in over forty states.

Kara McCoy

Kara McCoy, Project Manager

I love the aspects of whole house renovation projects, it’s like putting together a puzzle. You have to consider all the client’s goals and make them fit perfectly to allow the flow of the floor plan to come together seamlessly and meet modern standards. What I like most about working at Simplified Living Architecture + Design is that we are all passionate about our projects. We listen to our clients to help ease the design process, simplify it, and find new solutions to make their dream home a reality. It is all about making the home function as a whole for their family. I also really enjoy working with contractors, it gives me the opportunity to constantly learn new things about construction means and methods.

If I were a house style…..I would be Craftsman. It feels like home to me with the wide porches and high roof pitches. I can always imagine curling up with a good book on an oversized porch swing

Kara lives in Gahanna with her husband, Roger, and two children, Jacob and Kaylee. Her hobbies include spending time with my family, doing crafts, cooking and gardening.

Kara earned her Associate’s Degree in Architectural Drafting and Design Technology from Central Ohio Technical College with both Computer Aided Drafting and Architecture/Construction Management Certificates.

Emily Nau

Emily Nau, Intern Architect

My favorite part of our process is seeing the clients react to our ideas during the design phase, which is the beginning of the collaboration and creative thinking between us and the client. I love the constant learning experience of working with clients, as well as contractors. It gives me the opportunity to hear new ideas and learn new techniques. I am most passionate about working on older homes with the goal of keeping their unique character while creating new, functional spaces for the modern family. I love my job because of the challenge of accomplishing our clients goals, creating a functional design, and providing creative solutions, which generates the final design.

If I were a house style……I would be Italianate. I appreciate the unique details and beautiful ornament.

Emily lives in Columbus with her husband, Jacob. Her hobbies include reading, coaching volleyball, baking anything with chocolate in it, and cooking new recipes with her husband being the official taste tester.

Emily earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Ball State University and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from The Ohio State University. She is a LEED Green Associate.